Tainted Dream

Violet skies, kaleidoscope eyes, a lonely heart with an amphetamine high. Poetic and dirty, heaven on earth, a tainted notion, the star of the north. And my dearest dreams that I most adore are the ones where I am dying, déjà vu, bathroom floor. Crystal fantasies, amethyst daydreams, awakened by my rainy face from crying. The pills that I swallow, foggy and dry, the doctor’s attempt to raise my dopamine supply. Now I can’t tell the difference between slumber and truth, reveries and nightmares, rebellion and youth. I tell you that it’s tiring, faking all the smiling, I promise that I’m trying; I’m lying, I’m crying, I’m dying, I’m dying. False perceptions, sad reality, hallucinations, actuality. Hell on earth, scars on virgin skin, tequila on my tongue, demons on my lips. My throat going numb from the powder and the tears, I’ve woken my ghosts, my glimmering fears. Enchanting, exotic, alluring, and psychotic. Can happiness be found? My despairing recollections; only in the clouds is my soul resurrected. My fantasy wild, dangerous, and flawed; making deals with devils, paradise lost.

17 thoughts on “Tainted Dream

    1. Hi! Thank you soo much 🙂 I appreciate it!! Hmm I just try and write as raw as possible and strictly for myself. I try not to think much about if other people will like it or not. I write about things that are very very personal to me, it’s the only way my thoughts will flow. So maybe try that! Good luck!

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