Bad Habits

A series of pure, dirty, and raw habits I can’t evade. An obsession with touch, blisters from crave; scar tissue, paper cuts, an anesthetic of lust, bad habits that I can’t contain. Lavish me with roses in between my thighs, enticing my dreams with the thirst in your eyes. Hallucinations, hypnotized; intoxication, tranquilized. It’s all a dream, that’s all it is, it’s all a dream my love. A phenomenon climbing deep under your skin, bad tendencies of turning my warmth into sin. Mystifying my thrills, satisfying desire, inject the lethal dose, ignite my wild fire. My body is sterling, stained, and sore. The stimulation of the rush, the thrill of seeking more. Bone-chilling lover of the surge in my veins, cold-blooded habits that have turn me depraved. Twisted and warped, jet-black psyche; corrupted by you, the feral creature inside. The flame to my corpse is doused in gasoline; addictions to foster my expired esteem. Bad habits of idealizing beautiful tragedies, bad habits of habits, mangling chaos into remedy.

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