Wake up, can’t breathe. Panic attack, mad dream. Pills, pills, colorful pills. How much Xanax does it take to kill?  Make me numb, kill the pain; heal my scars, take me away. Midnight sweats, coming down. Can’t look in the mirror, knees drop to the ground. Candy pills, swallow my despair. My demons take over, the reaper is near. Why am I spinning, why can’t I breathe? Why can’t I ever fucking breathe?  Blood in the sink, blood on the walls. Blood leaving my veins, blood staining it all. Pills, pills, sour pills. Sweat dripping, can’t sit still. A grip on my throat, gasping for air. Trembling hands, empty stare. Crack the mirror, cut my bones. Call the doctor, carve my tomb. I hate myself and I want to die, I hate myself and I want to die. Cold blood splashing down my wrists dripping to my thighs. Heart is racing, body shaking; vomit on my lips. Puke up the overdose, suicidal diagnose; panic attack, panic attack…go back to bed.

16 thoughts on “Panic

  1. I love your writing!! it’s always so well crafted but honest too…still can’t get over your rhyme and meter talents 😀 do you have to focus on it and redraft, or does it come naturally to you?? Definitely reads like its an intrinsic talent you have ❤


    1. Aww thank you so much!! 🙂 the rhymes typically come naturally but some are more difficult to write than others and I need more time to think about and redraft. This was probably the easiest, quickest one for me to write. I was having a panic attack at the time so the words came really quick and spontaneously. I really appreciate your input, thanks!


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