Femme Fatale

Make me your corrupted queen, scratches dragged across your chest

Give me a good self esteem, bruises tarnished on my hips

Dictator of our vanishing fate, embellish my bones with latex and gold

Love me for everything that I hate, tell me I’m pretty and barter your soul

Luminous lights cast over your face, star struck in the passenger seat

My mistakes are cloaked with lace, whiskey on my lips, tears dripping to the beat

The awful truth is masked in pretty lies, deceptions obliterated with stardust

Monsters live behind your shadowed eyes, for you are my prince of darkness

Forgive me Father for I have sinned, whip lashes cover my soiled flesh

Femme Fatale, leather on skin, a dirty little damsel lost in distress

Addicted to my untamable fantasy, have you ever seen love so obscene?

Always counting on me to behave badly , forever I will be your damaged queen

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