I do anything it takes solely to feel a beat in my malleable heart. I am a junkie for suffering, it is the only way my lungs can breathe. I have unconsciously murdered all of those who cherish my perished spirit. I sold my soul to the arms of a dying man. I am a fabrication of society. I cry plastic tears, my eyes are made of glass. I sacrificed love for a deal with the devil. Can you see the silhouette of the demon in my bed? He haunts me like a ghost, he raised me from the dead. Because of him I have no warmth in my soul, because of him I am the one that you loathe. Pathetic disaster, I am torn open and bruised. My organs have been wrenched from my body, I was born to amuse. I am only here for your entertainment, I dance at your command. I burned myself alive and fell into your fatal hands. I end up breaking my own heart, I should have warned you from the start. My body soaked in bleach, I am made of doll parts. Fabricated emotions, artificial skin. Scars are tattooed on my arms by the ones I chose to blame. But I am the lifeless one who tore out my own veins. My heart is held captive, to the devil I am detained. I am not worthy of emotion, to grief I am chained. Without sensation, I roam in the dark. Numb and broken, dead from the start. I am the cold one, I ascribe to my pain. Imprisoned with the devil, with his blood I am stained. If you get close to my synthetic being, traumatizing effects will leave you screaming. So runaway fast or you will drown in regret; you are still living and I am your threat.

13 thoughts on “Numb

  1. Thank you for visiting
    I read some of your posts. Poetic and smooth as silk the first one, I thought. I could not stop but slid all they way to the end, unable to stop reading. This, too, is reach in its elucidation and evocation.

    This, too, has a haunting trend to it. Is this concocted or real? Is it borrowed or owned? Regardless of who is the owner of the content, TPTChoice beckons toward clarity, compassion and light – toward a reasoning, delivering belonging.

    Thanks, again.

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