Yellow Poison, Yellow Moon

Laying on the concrete, eyes wide on the yellow moon. I feel numb, yet everything at once. I pray to the stars to take me away. I can feel the angels luring me into the northern lights. I am the poison that fills the atmosphere; I am the darkness behind the stars. I cherish my misery; I am both blessed and broken. The petals from my flower are torn, have you ever felt so used up? I am your rag doll so I do what you want; I have killed everything that I’ve touched. You’re high off the belief that you made me sick like you. You pull my rag doll strings but my poison will seep through. So I swallow my sorrow and get drunk on apathy. I watch the madness in my soul run wild and free. The moon is reflecting off of my disfigured skin. The stars are exploding in my dark, weary eyes. For there is no more room for tears in my paralyzed soul. So I sit and I wait at the yellow moon, soaking in my own gore. You held me down to burn alive…did it ever occur to you that I have already died? I have cut out the last vein in my arm to clear out the pieces of you. I have murdered everything that I’ve kissed, my venom fangs are infused. Can you hear me in the dark? Do you ache like I do? Your lies are like cyanide, but I suppose mine are too. I fake it so real I am beyond fake, but in the darkness I bloom. I have tried to die too many times; I have scripted out my tomb. Swallowing a bottle of pills wasn’t enough? Slicing every vein I had left? So at the yellow moon i’ll wait, inhale my toxic fumes.

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